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Ancestor Family Tree Work Book

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POSTAGE $5.00 There are 2 ancestor charts in the front of the book. One chart is used for one person and the other chart for their partner with their ancestors' details being added. Each couple have a group sheet in the book allotted to that couple as referenced by the page number where a more comprehensive and detailed record of their details can be recorded and can be used as a handy reference for further research. The book is designed as a tool for beginners as many people say "I don't know where to start" and this gives them a clear goal for their research. Many long term family tree researchers have also used the Ancestor books to record their work as it is easy to transport and one does not always have a computer at hand. The book contains: Ancestor Charts for both husband and wife Family Group Sheets and Notes Sheets for each couple through to GG Grandparents. Also available: Pilot Erasable Pens (Black) $4.50 A4, soft cover, 68 pages Published by Anne Trubshaw-Dow & Lynn Dillon, 2012

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