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A New Tapestry: Australian Huguenot Families

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This book provides stories of 30 Australian families of Huguenot (French Protestant) origin. Each story has been written or co-written by a family member. Apart from tracing the local evolution of families it outlines Huguenot origins, journeys of refuge, and arrivals in Australia. Each account magnifies the comparative and contrasting ways families managed, dealing with adversity and opportunity and overcoming personal and private difficulties. Readers may conclude that the Huguenot spirit of industry, ingenuity and civic duty is apparent in these stories of Huguenot descendants. Each family account gives a picture of a family weaving together a life, shaping and being shaped by an Australia defining itself within its indigenous roots, layered with European settlement and renewed by waves of refugees and migrants. And in a way this accords with the broader history of the Huguenots and their descendants, whose lives, through the refugee and migration experience, became ultimately woven in new societies, including Australia. Softcover, 23cm, 409 pages Edited by Robert Nash Published by the Huguenot Society of Australia Inc. with the assistance of the Royal Australian Historical Society, 2015

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