Contribute to the SAG Family Cookbook  

Deadline 31 August 2022

Food brings families together.

Sitting around a table for dinner; coming together for the holidays; baking from a tattered family recipe: these are simple acts that resonate throughout generations. 

To celebrate our Society that has helped trace families for 90 years, and to celebrate all families and their feasts, we want to create a cookbook filled with recipes from SAG members – this would not only be a cookbook, but a history of SAG families and their traditions.  

We are asking for submissions of family recipes - the tried and tested cooks and bakes that have been passed down to you. The cookbook will be split into nine chapters - one each for a decade of the Society’s history. Please try to date your submitted recipe to a decade, preferably to the decade it was written or perfected. 

Submissions can take a couple of different forms. We are, of course, interested in your family recipes! But we are also asking for photographs or advertisements of family food businesses. Did your family own a grocery store, or manufacture and sell foodstuffs? Please feel free to submit a photo or advertisement of the original shop or product! 

All of the submissions should come with a short 200-word maximum explanation of your submission and its importance to your family. We want to know more than just the basics: we want to use this as a way to get to know your family and your ancestors!

If you are using any published materials, for example advertisements on Trove, please include the reference for publication with your submission, and ensure you have the appropriate clearance from copyright holders if necessary. 

The goal is to compile and publish this book by December, when it would go on sale as a fundraising effort for the Society this Christmas. 

Please note: Each submissions needs to be accompanied with a completed release form, attached below. Submission does not guarantee publication - if there are multiples of the same or similar recipe, publication will be determined at the editorial committee’s discretion. Some submissions not published in the cookbook may appear on the SAG website, other SAG online platforms, or SAG social media. For this reason, we encourage you to submit a more unusual family recipe (but still a tasty one!). Multiple submissions are accepted.

Deadline is COB Wednesday 31 August. Please email all submissions or questions regarding the cookbook project to

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