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The Society's Code of Conduct serves as a comprehensive guideline for fostering respectful interactions and communications within the Society of Genealogists. It operates in tandem with SAG's Code of Ethics, emphasising responsible conduct in genealogical research. The code underscores the importance of courtesy and respect in all interactions, whether among members, volunteers, staff, visitors, or guests.

It outlines specific expectations for courteous behavior, including showing empathy, understanding diverse communication styles, and valuing cultural diversity within the SAG community. Additionally, the code addresses the sensitive management of information, particularly regarding living or recently deceased individuals, potentially sensitive family history discoveries, and cultural considerations. This code serves to be a reference framework for any cases of concern regarding inappropriate behaviour. New Society members will be expected to agree to adhere to the code, which will also be asked of existing members upon their renewal.

A copy of the Society's Code of Conduct can be downloaded here:

Code of Conduct


The SAG adopted the Code of Ethics developed by AFFHO (the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations) and encourages all members and researchers to follow its principles. A copy can be downloaded here:

Code of Ethics


The SAG holds copyright in the contents of this website (with the exception of some material in the Member Area Articles page). Content on the websites may be used for personal research purposes only and must be acknowledged as belonging to the SAG (or stated author) if reproduced in any way. Permission in advance must be obtained before this site is used for any professional or commercial purpose.

We also respect the rights of others whose work is held in our collections. If items are in copyright or have other restrictions placed on them we enforce this. All members and casual users must respect these restrictions and ensure they do not breach the provisions of fair use as determined by copyright laws.


We are fully committed to protecting the privacy of our members and other users of this website. Any personal information we collect will only be used for the purpose intended, and we will not knowingly pass an individual’s personal details on to any other individual or organisation without their implied or express permission.

The SAG cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of other websites linked from this site.

Online ordering facilities offered through our website securely process payments through an external global gateway. The SAG does not at any stage hold the full credit card details supplied as part of such online transactions.

Some sections of our site such as our online catalogues require the use of 'cookies' to retain session, search parameters and results during browsing. You will need to set your browser to accept 'cookies' in order to successfully undertake searches and display results within the catalogues.

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