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The SAG offers webinars to members as part of the Events Calendar

Some recorded webinars are available for purchase through the Shop, to both members and non-members.

Members can also access a selection of webinars for free through the webinar library in the Member Area – make sure you are logged in to access this resource!

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online lecture you watch over the internet from your own computer or mobile device. You can hear the lecturer and watch their slides on your screen. You can also ask the lecturer questions.

The great advantage of webinars is that we can offer them on any day of the week and in the evenings, and you don't have to travel into the Sydney CBD to participate. We can also offer presentations from speakers who are not located in Australia. They're especially good for country members or those who find travel into the city a challenge. 'Time poor' members will also benefit as these sessions will last about an hour and can be fitted into a busy professional schedule, family commitments and all the other factors that get in the way of your genealogy!

All our webinars are recorded, so you can listen to them live or watch the recording later. This is great if you can't attend live at the scheduled time, or would like the opportunity to watch the webinar again.

How to book

Members can book for single webinars or purchase a season ticket at a reduced price and receive all webinars for the quarter.

It’s easiest if you book a webinar through our online booking system. That way you'll get the webinar link sent to you straight away. You can also book in person or by telephone if you prefer, in which case we will send the webinar link to you manually by email.

You'll usually receive an automated reminder 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar starts. These reminders also contain the webinar link.

Click on that webinar link before the scheduled starting time to enter the 'waiting room' for the webinar.

The first time you join a webinar (or use a new PC) a small program will be downloaded to your computer from LogMeIn - the providers of the GoToWebinar software. This is just like downloading Adobe Acrobat or Java and will allow you to see the webinar and participate in it.

Will it work on my computer?

If you are uncertain if your PC and internet connection will allow you to participate, you can get more information from GoToWebinar here

You cannot watch a webinar if your computer has Windows Vista or XP.

You can participate in a test session here.

You can watch a webinar on your iPad, tablet or phone but you'll need to download the free App first. 

How does a webinar work?

You can listen to a webinar live at the scheduled time or watch the recording later at a time that suits you. The link to the recording is sent to all participants within 24 hours of the webinar taking place. You cannot download or save the recording, but you can listen to it as many times as you like for two months.

About ten minutes before a webinar starts we run a 'warm up' session which is a great opportunity to check your speaker volume, learn how to 'put up your hand to ask a question' and get yourself settled - ready to sit back, relax, learn and enjoy. We also use this opportunity to tell you about upcoming webinars.

Make sure you have your sound turned on so you can hear the presentation. In some webinars the presenter will invite questions from the audience - if you'd like to participate in any Q&A by speaking to the presenter you'll need to have a headset (preferably with a USB connection rather than audio plugs) with microphone plugged in. If you don't want to do that we'll show you how you can type your questions during the session and we'll ask them on your behalf during the Q&A.

When the webinar begins you'll see whatever the presenter has on their own computer screen - this might be a Powerpoint slideshow, a live internet presentation, photographs or a specific software program. They'll be presenting this to you live - just as they would if you were physically all together in our seminar room.


Some presenters provide handouts for their webinars. If there is one this will be available to download off the screen during the webinar and will also be sent to you as an email link about an hour after the session ends.

If you are a member and would like to try out a couple of webinars for free head to the Webinar library in the Member area.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our webinars!

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